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If the school does not have a subscription to SATs Tests Online, then parents can easily take up their own subscription to help their child to succeed in their Key Stage 2 SATs Tests.

For only £19.99, your child can experience virtual SATs tests in Maths (Arithmetic and Reasoning), and English (Spelling, Vocabulary, Punctuation, Grammar, Reading) and Science - which are automatically marked and recorded in graphs.

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Only £19.99
Help your child to succeed in their Year 6 SATs Tests. All results give Standardised Scores - to see how your child compares to the national average (100)

Your child can take their own tests in Maths, English: Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Vocabluary. Available on any internet-connected PC/Mac/device.

SATs questions have been specifically chosen to reflect the current curriculum frameworks and similar to recent SATs Test papers.

View their test results in easy-to-read graphs to keep an eye on their progress.

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